Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we get asked.

How much do you charge?

Wedding coverage begins at $3500, with Jordan as your dedicated photographer.

Because every wedding is different, we’d love to hear from you and send you our package information so you can know all the finer details. Let us know a bit more about you and your day here and we can tailor a quote for your specific needs.


Do you travel?

Heck to the yeah! To infinity and beyond.

For any weddings outside of 1.5 hours drive from Sydney, we may just require additional travel expenses. This may include flights, one or two nights’ accommodation and possible hire car (all depending on where your wedding is).

Let us know what you’re thinking and we can chat specifics.


We’re worried about looking awkward in photos. How do you make us look good?!

Jordan’s shooting style is incredibly relaxed and very fun. That’s why we call it an experience and not a photoshoot! Jordan has heaps of games up his sleeves and will create an environment in which you are totally and completely confident in yourselves. He’ll pop you in the right light and direct you a little bit too so you’re not super lost with what to do, but ultimately your photo experience will be memorable both by the memories created, and the gorgeous photos to prove it.


Do you guys do video?

Our main focus is photography at the moment, so we can do the best possible job for you guys without dividing our attention. We love videographers though and highly recommend our good friend Ro Miles ( – he’s Blue Mountains based and tells love stories through film in an incredible way. He’s also a hilarious and all round good dude!


Can we meet up with you before deciding anything?

Of course, we’d love to meet you! No pressure, no cost or anything for meeting up. Let’s grab coffee (a staple food group of ours) and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions. Send us an email and we can meet up and chat to see if we’d all be a good fit!


Can we add on a second shooter?

Definitely! We have a great bunch of second shooters who have worked with us and understand the Wheatley style to a tee. Get in touch if you’d like a second photographer there and we can definitely arrange this.

Can’t find your question? Not to worry! Send us an email below and we can answer any other questions you may have.