Hey there! We’re Jordan and Mel.


We’re husband and wife, coffee enthusiasts and continually battle it out for the title of the longest hair.

We’ve been running our photography business for 5 years now. We love documenting love stories by taking photos that not only look good, but each hold a valuable memory, pointing you back to this amazing time in your lives as if it were yesterday.

Really, it comes down to the fact that we love celebrating love!


Your photographer and editor extraordinaire

Also known as Jords and ‘The guy with the long hair’. He was first inspired to take up photography by using 35mm film cameras and exploring macro and landscape photography. When he’s not photographing gorgeous couples, you can find him adventuring to far off places with his nifty little hiking tent, always in search of the perfect pano and one-off light shows.

He’ll be there with you on your wedding day smiling and cracking jokes and making you guys look like a million bucks. He’ll also make sure you have the amazing memories to go with your photos. He’ll edit your photos, send you some sneak peeks after your wedding day, and deliver all of your gorgeous memories just weeks after your big day.


Your organisation queen.

Mel is a massive escape room enthusiast (she’s almost cracked 50!) and totally embraces the ‘fake it ’til you make it’ keeping her plant babies alive. She has checklists for her checklists and loves running the admin side of our business.

She’s your point of contact for answering questions, organising to catch up for coffee or video chats, figuring out the wedding timings, and she’ll make sure that everything is ready to run smoothly on your wedding day so you can breathe easy and get married!

During our downtime, you can find us snuggling with our pups watching The Office, drinking way too much coffee in the Blue Mountains and laughing at the same meme or Vine over and over because ‘it never gets old’ (even when it does).

Working together with our photography and business strengths means we are able to give the absolute best experience to all of our couples.

Basically, Mel is your Monica and Jordan is all the other FRIENDS rolled into one!


Like what you hear?

If you think we’d be a good fit, feel free to get in touch here and learn more about the photography experience here! We’re super happy to meet up for a coffee and chat about the vision you have for your day before you make any decisions.