Let’s be real. You want a wedding photographer who is going to make you look your absolute best.

We get that, which is why we balance our photography in a bit of a hybrid nature. Jordan will put you in the right spot with the stunning light; he’ll tell you to face a certain way or to have a snuggle and embrace. But he’ll also capture the raw and the real, encouraging you to talk with each other and reminisce about your day and talk about your future together. Each photo we take of you guys holds meaning – we want that memory to be real and to bring you right back to that moment.

It’s natural to feel a bit weird or worried about having your photos taken, but Jordan always has the perfect questions, games (and often lame Dad jokes!) to make you feel at ease and make you look your best.

We hope you can trust our creative vision, because we want to give you the photos and the experience that you deserve.

So what does a wedding day with us look like?

We photograph, we capture, we document. That part goes without saying. We also want to do anything and everything to make it the most perfect day imaginable for you.

Because everyone deserves a beautiful wedding day.

We’ll help you adjust your bouquet, lend the bridesmaids spare bobby pins, remember where Mum left the veil, let you know where Dad’s boutonniere should sit, and whisper encouragements as you get out of the car ready to walk down the aisle.

We’ll shepherd the last guests inside, wait excitedly to capture the moment you both lay eyes on each other for the first time that day. We’ll whisk you away somewhere amazing, and make sure we crack so many smiles with our lame (but excellent) jokes.

We’ll dance with Grandma, whip Jordan’s hair out and amaze the guests, capture the moment your best friend squeezes your hands in absolute joy. We’ll sneak you out for a quiet moment together amidst the celebrations, and we’ll chase after your car as you throw your hands out the windows and leave for your honeymoon.

We’re here to serve you. Because we know how important your wedding day is.

Get in touch with us here. We’d love to hear about the plans for your day.

Love Jordan & Mel,
The Wheatleys